Hi! I'm Håvard Brynjulfsen,
a front-end web designer based in Bergen, Norway.

UX design enthusiast. Accessibility advocate. CSS lover.

Sometimes I create stuff. Other times I just code stuff. Occasionally I even write some stuff. Currently at Bouvet

Day to day I work as a front-end designer at Bouvet, but here's some of the stuff I've done personally recently.


A small blog built with Eleventy containing a collection of my favorite fun facts. Read, have a laugh, share with friends on Twitter. Awarded 'Most loved one page website distinction' from One Page Love.
About the project


In 2020 Microsoft developer Stephanie Eckles launched a collaboration project urging fellow developers to restyle her website stylestage.dev using only CSS without altering the HTML. This was my contribution.
About the project

This is my blog. Or stories. Or whatever you wanna call it. Here you'll find a bunch of my writing, some of which has been published to the likes of UXCollective.cc on Medium and CSS-Tricks.

I'm an avid user of CodePen and huge fan of their community. It's become somewhat a daily hobby of mine to use this platform to recreate Dribbble shots or explore the many possiblities CSS has to offer.

A few of my pens have been featured in the CodePen Spark newsletter:

One of my pens also made it into the The Most Hearted Pens of 2020 list.

Here are some of my personal favorites.

3D Switch

Skeuomorphism is dead - or at least in hibernation. When it eventually comes back I'll be ready to create 3D components like this one using only CSS.
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Context menu

Another Dribbble recreation showing of the beautiful icon pack 'Feather', featured in the 184th editon of the CodePen Spark.
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